Amante marketplace

At a glance

Amante Marketplace started online and proved their product concept through organic growth & ambassador marketing. Bloom was brought in to help scale up the online business through email, paid media & SEO. Amante is on track to grow their online business by 60% + in 2021 and we're excited to continue our partnership in 2022.


Amante started with a low subscriber count having not prioritized email marketing previously.

Entering a competitive marketplace of home decor.



Grow the email marketing list through targeted funnels leveraging paid media & landing pages. 

Start first-ever paid ads on FB, IG & Google to discover a niche audience that would be engaged & to scale up. 

Grow Email List
Increase Conversion Rate
Start Paid Ads


These are the high-level results when comparing the pre-Bloom period vs the period after Bloom was brought on.

Increase in Email Subscribers
Increase in profitable online revenue
Increase in conversion rate



Bloom spent 6 months of 2021 focused on building & growing the email list for Black Friday & Cyber Monday where we were able to increase revenue 195% YoY.


Amante's conversion rate started just under 1% with room for improvement. Bloom has successfully sent qualified buyers to the site through FB, IG & Google which we have quantified via an increase in conversion rate even after starting paid media.


Amante's email list started at 344 subscribers in April 2021. Prior to Black Friday 2021, Bloom was able to build the list to 4400+ subscribers which contributed to the increase of revenue during the holiday period.