what to expect

what to expect

what to expect

We Like to Walk Our Talk

Our experts know the right questions to ask and experiments to run, so your business goals get hit with total precision. Every time.

What We'll Do

Month 1

Let’s get things going! We’ll kick off the project and start our onboarding. The team will deep dive into essentials like competitor research, mind mapping, keyword research, budgeting, and more.

Month 2

Ready to plant your marketing seeds? We’ll start officially launching pieces of the funnel in month two → paid ads will go live, emails will hit inboxes, and we’ll review/post your blog content.


Month 3

Time to harvest all the data and report on our results. We’ll also begin tweaking and optimizing our efforts based on early findings so we hit the standards of success we laid out in month one. 

Month 4

Now we’re talking! With 3 months of marketing madness behind us, we’ll use our learnings to create marketing magic. This is where everything comes together and ROI starts to compound.

The A's to Your Q's

We offer paid media, email & SMS marketing to help you build strategic and sustainable funnels. By curating our collection of services we’re able to provide a best-in-class experience for all of our partners!

The best (and easiest) way to find out about our current availability is by getting in touch with us today! The sooner we chat, the simpler it is to find space for your ideal timeframe. Quick answer: A month in advance of your expected start date is always a good idea.

We’re happy to offer custom estimates for clients who need more than the packages listed on our site. If you’re curious about whether your project would be a fit, feel free to reach out with your details here.

Yes and no. Our paid media packages do offer Facebook and Instagram ad work (influencer marketing is an available add-on), but we don’t provide social media management services — think: captions, tweets, daily engagement.

We’re not big fans of making promises we can’t keep so instead of spouting off numbers without context we’ll give you our mission instead: Bloom is a team of problem solvers dedicated to finding what works. We’re not satisfied until we discover the right solution to grow your business and reach your goals!

We’re so glad you asked! We like to think of ourselves as the anti-agency marketing agency which means two big things: we put people first (yours & ours) and we work to find solutions that suit your goals so you get real, profitable results. Empty promises, big buzzwords, and cheap tactics to get you in the door isn’t our thing — if you’re ready for something different, let’s chat.