Avanti Body Jewelry

At a glance

AvantiBody Jewelry saw a lot of succes as an in-store retailer. When COVID hit, the brand was forced to close their in-store business and migrate 100% online. The brand had a lot of great pieces of marketing, but these pieces weren’t strategically working together. Bloom audited the marketing activities & proposed a 6-12 month scaling plan.


Highly competitive online market with cheaper options

Unengaged email list (no emails sent in the 7 months prior to partnering with Bloom)

Confusing & hard-to-navigate website

Lack of focus & direction for the brand


Leverage email marketing + conversion rate optimization as two

levers to increase revenue online with minimal ad spend.

Revamp Email List
Increase Conversion Rate
Increase on-brand SEO


These are the high-level results when comparing the pre-Bloom period vs the period after Bloom was brought on.

Increase in revenue
Increase in gross profit
Increase in conversion rate



Through finding the most engaged customers in the email list, Bloom has increased the LTV of customers by 10%.


Avanti's conversion rate was extremely low - they were driving 17k visitors/month but making under $10k in revenue. Through minor website tweaks & targeting more qualified audiences, Bloom has been able to increase conversion rate, making all marketing more profitable.


Avanti was used to making 6-7x margins with their instore selling. However, the online marketplace had much cheaper alternatives. Although we brought down prices, we were still able to drive more profitability by owning the 1-on-1 communications with the customers more (through email & SMS).

Increase in revenue
Increase in revenue
Increase in revenue