Email + SMS = the holy grail of e-commerce marketing. Our team combines both of these powerful tactics to increase your customer LTV & compound ROI. Add in our paid media strategies to the mix? *Chef's kiss*.


SMS Marketing Whiz Kids

It’s not just about insanely high open rates or instant revenue. Sure, that’s attractive, but here at Bloom we believe SMS is how we deeply connect you to your audience & get them back again and again.


Explosive growth? We’re all in. Let’s start with getting the lay of your SMS land. Researching your competitors, identifying gaps & laying out our plan to build your SMS list.


Whether you already have some groundwork done or are starting from scratch – we’ll take a look to assess low-hanging fruit & immediate opportunities for ROI.


Ready for automated revenue? Uh, yeah! We’ll set up highly profitable lead magnets & user journeys designed to get them to checkout. Then we’ll wow them with personalized shopping experiences. 


Is it working? We’ll let the numbers do the rest. Based on early findings, we’ll tweak our funnels & optimize our content so that we’re on point with every SMS delivered. 

Only the best
for you

We’ve done the dirty work, had the long meetings & asked the hard questions – which is why we’re proud to partner with Attentive to provide the best SMS solutions to our businesses at lower rates than you can find online.